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July 27, 2003

Have now been in touch with the restaurant where we will have our banquet, the Edgewater Bistro in Comox. You're gonna love the view, and the after dinner walk. Messages have gone out to the COL-ADAM list advising that the menu has been appended to the web-site under "Banquet", and asking delegates to state their food preferences.

Have today updated the schedule to adjust the times for the ADAM chat on Saturday evening. Silly me; didn't take account of the time zones. Chat will be between 6 pm and 8 pm PDT. That makes it 9pm - 11pm EDT. I've also made some adjustments to the schedules to leave Saturday afternoon open, just in case we get good weather and decide to come out of the meeting room for air!

July 14, 2003

So much for regular updates. Think I'm beginning to wish that I'd taken James DeCarlo up on his earlier offer to look after this page. Too late for that now.

My procrastination notwithstanding, things are falling into place. The T-shirts are ordered, the banner is ordered, and the final co-ordination with the hotel is underway. Looking forward very much to seeing you all here in less than a month. ( Is it time to panic yet?)

It looks like we'll have 15 (give or take) delegates, spouses and friends present. When you consider the distances you all have to travel to get here, that's real dedication. I'm so very happy to be the host of this 15th annual ADAMCon, and I'm equally happy that you've all decided to come. We know that those who can't make it this year, will be with us in spirit.

The hotel has advised that they have just completed their new satellite hookup, and that we'll have broadband internet access in the meeting room. That's a nice piece of news. It should make things much easier for the chat, and for uploading daily pictures of the convention.

As you'll observe, I've made some small changes to this website. They will make things more manageable by eliminating those things that I know will be difficult to keep up to date. At this point, the information you see here will be related directly to the convention. Bytehacker will have to wait awhile. He's in a coma, so he'll never know the difference. Ron's Week and ADAM might resume after the 'con, but for the moment, let's just say that Ron's weeks for the next little while will be short enough.

As for the Mighty Mitchell Award, I'm not where I had hoped to be on that, and unless there is a great groundswell of opinion from the multitude, there will be some amendments to the contest, and it might just end up being a prize draw. Whoever wins it, will then have to design a suitable contest for next year. The Much Maligned, but Highly coveted Mighty Mitchell Award will be on hand, and will be presented, but not in the format originally envisaged. The prize remains essentially a work in progress. Remember, I did say at ADAMCON 14, that an entire year could go by before I got a "roundtuit". Well.....

May 22, 2003

Been too long in between updates. As you've all read many times on the col-adam list, I've been tied up with another event. That's now in the rear-view mirror, so now we can get back to updating this website more regularly.

In much delayed and somewhat reluctant response to popular demand, I've updated the registration form and schedule of ADAMCON 15 rates to provide amounts in both US and Canadian dollars. To achieve the conversion, I multiplied the US dollar rates shown in the previously published table by 1.35. That's today's conversion rate (to the nearest hundreth of a dollar) from US to Canadian dollars, as published on Amounts calculated in this fashion were rounded to the nearest $5 (Canadian). Hopefully that will meet with everyone's approval. As explained on the chat tonight, my intent is to charge the same for this convention as Bob and Judy Slopsema charged for ADAMCON 14. I would also like to make sure that no matter which side of the border you come from, you're paying the equivalent amount to attend the convention.

I do apologize for not putting this up sooner. What with one thing and another around here, life is always a bit of a blur. Some days there is a shortage of round-tuits.

March 9 2003

Contract with the Travelodge has arrived by e-mail. Will be meeting with them next week to go over it.

February 16 2003

Met with Greg at the Courtenay Travelodge last Tuesday afternoon. Think we can do business. He's going to e-mail me a proposed contract this week. I don't anticipate any problems, and I think we'll come in within budget. Time to get the spreadsheet out.

Update - February 9 2003

Have an appointment Tuesday next with the manager of our hotel. We'll sit down, do business, and hopefully it will go well. Stay tuned.......

Update - January 30, 2003

ADAMCoN 15 will be held right here in the Comox Valley. Quotes are now in, and the economics looks better here. So we'll be making arrangements with one of our local motels, centrally located to what we need (mostly within walking distance). Still have to crunch some numbers, but we're getting closer. I will probably announce the place, and have more to say about it next weekend.

Update - January 22, 2003

Dates for ADAMCON 15 announced.

August 7, 8, 9 and 10, 2003.

Read On:

We now have sufficient data from the hotels about what they have available and when, to announce the dates for ADAMCoN 15. As it turns out, the earlier weekend will eliminate at least one of the facilities I really wanted to consider, and possibly many of the other hotels in the Comox Valley. I had forgotton completely about our upcoming airshow - held at Canadian Forces Base Comox, every two years. Turns out that Sunday July 27 is the day of the airshow. Much as it would be nice for everyone to take that in, I've been told that the military has booked just about every room in town for most of the week prior to the 27th.

The weekend prior to that, I'm not available, and the weekend after (the long August weekend, the whole fam damily comes here, as they have done in previous years.

Yada, yada, yada.

Hence our dates for the 'con will be:

August 7, 8, 9, and 10 2003.

I certainly hope I didn't lead anybody astray by talking before about other possibilities under consideration. And I do hope you can all make it WAY OUT HERE BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS.

My real preference from a standpoint of personal logistics is here where I live. I think you'd like to see it, but.......

I have written to 5 hotels, 3 in the Comox Valley, and two in Victoria, just to shop around a bit. Letters were sent out last week, stating our requirements. Hopefully I should hear back from them within the next week or so. We will then be in a position to announce the location of ADAMCON 15.


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