Are You a Presenter?


e-mail me (Ron Mitchell) at

if you'd like to do a session for ADAMCON 15.

The subject can be just about anything you think might be of interest to ADAMites. It should have to do with the ADAM Family Computer System, or it's emulator, ADAMem (by Marcel deKogel).

It should be about 2 hours in length, and be presented in a format that will permit as much hands on activity as possible. There will be a number of ADAM computers set up in our meeting room (as per past conferences) and you might want take advantage of the equipment available to involve your audience in your material as much as you can.

This is not a formal classroom setting. We're there to have fun and to make sure that you as a presenter don't feel to intimidated by our blank stares and grimaces. Nor do we want you to take it personally when some of us simply get ulp and leave the room for periods of time. Remember that we are all getting older, and may have to visit the washroom more frequently.

All that aside.

We'd like to hear your session particularly if you've never put one on before. Those who have done sessions in past years are more than welcome to do another for us this year. We look forward to that, but we also look forward to 'newbies' who want to teach us about their discoveries about our favourite little computer.

Submit an outline, if you can. Let me know what you're planning to tell us about. If worst comes to worst, a title will do. You also need to tell me about any special equipment requirments you might have. If it's possible, I'll make it so.

Look forward to hearing from you.

The Chair


rev Mar 30, 2003