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Flora and the Ghost Mirror

Daniel Bienvenu has done it again. A cool new game announced in 2012, and published in 2013. This is the long awaited Complete in Box edition of Flora, with limited lives and a challenging boss fight. A challenge at nine different selectable skill levels.

The Manual is available for review. The real manual is printed 4" x 6".

Gameplay Video

There are some small changes between this version and the CIB version.
  • There are a limited number of lives (with 3 lives initially)
  • Earn a free life with a "perfect level" with all flowers healed at the end of the level.
  • A tornado rendering glitch was fixed
  • Some of the sound samples were tuned or replaced with music.
Order the Complete in Box version with special transparent smokey blue cartridge, 8 page instruction booklet and high quality box CIB for $50 plus shipping

Jeepers Creepers

Daniel Bienvenu has agreed to do a 2012 run of Jeepers Creepers for fans who missed out on the initial run. It has a custom label, and is available either loose with a one pager instruction sheet (in French and English) or in a box with an instruction booklet. The boxes are done on a digital press and were supplied thanks to by Luc Miron.

The cart ships with a one page instruction sheet, just like the original 75, but with the 30th anniversary label. The CIB version ships with a box and a simple booklet.

The booklet is a very small enhancement of the original sheet with one screenshot.

Jeepers Creepers
CIBs are currently sold out.
There are more cartridge + instruction sheet versions available for $40 each.


We have a limited new run of Daniel Bienvenu's amazing Ghostblaster cartridge, in the original clear case with a clear label.

Ghostblaster cartridges are currently out of stock.
Buy just the instruction booklet $3.

Note that there is also an opportunity to buy a box done by Ikrananka on AtariAge: Official Ghost Blaster Pre-order 2 for a limited time.

Canadian Mini-Games 1

AdamCon along with the Bearded Programers have started publishing homebrew cartridges. Currently we have one released, and are working on other titles.

This cartridge is a collection of minigames from the:

  • Easter Bunny -- platformer game, Daniel Bienvenu (2007)
  • Diamond Dash -- exploration game, Daniel Bienvenu (2005)
  • Joystick Test -- tests utility, Daniel Bienvenu (2008)
  • Space Hunter -- space shoot'em up, Guy Foster (2006)
  • Get Booty -- adventure shooting game, Dale Wick (2006)

Full instruction manual: PDF | Rom download:

The second batch of cartridges are now built, and this product is in stock.

Buy now for $30 plus shipping.

Planned but never released:

Canadian Mini-Games 2

We are currently working on some new mini-games for the second collection. Some possible games that might be in the next collection are:


Based on the graphics and description from the Coleco catalog.

You are the real estate lawyer Johanathan Harper sent to Transylvania to complete an estate purchase in Whitby, England by the Count Dracula. As your week progresses your stay with the good Count gets progressivly worse until you find yourself battling vampires in the hope of saving your fiance from an eternity as a vampire slave to Dracula.

  • With 10 screens to explore
  • Collect items to increase your skills
  • Battle vampires and repell them
  • Beat Dracula in his own crypt
Video of rooms


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