[Coladam] Coleco SoundBank Applet Project

newcoleco at yahoo.fr newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Tue May 31 04:23:33 EDT 2005


Yes, it's me, Daniel Bienvenu. I'm trying now the new coladam mailing list with this 
subject that will surely make some noise.

You probably know that I tried to update my Coleco web site and then having 
problems with my Computer and needed to re-install Windows, etc. Well, 3 weeks 
after the crash my new Applet project named Coleco SoundBank is going pretty 
good. Still in work in progress but the sound emulation is impressive with the help of 
Maxim (I don't know his fullname). It takes many hours of surfing the net to find 
solutions for the audio output stream part to be able to hear the sound emulation with  
Java plugins versions 1.4 and 1.5 (coming soon)

Actually, I'm working on an OS7 (bios) sound driver and I'm currently working on the 
multiple sound channel support. I need to re-structure my code a little bit.

Visit my web site if you wanna try it. And if you want the source code, let me know.


Or use a direct link to the applet.


Daniel Bienvenu


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