[Coladam] ADAMcon 17

George george at koczwaras.com
Mon May 30 20:09:29 EDT 2005

     I guess one could say  "it's better late than never".  But for some people this late may as well be never.  An effort should be made to supply information in a more timely (sooner) manner.  I  believe this lateness gives people a feeling that all possible was not done to get a good deal for attendees.  The assumption that what was paid in the past justifies an increase for the present and future just doesn't work .  Prices do go up due to inflation, but there does not seem be an interest or concern to keep prices down.  I can manage this increase, some people may not, and we'll never know for sure.  To me it's not the cost, but the principal.
     Another point, do all the rooms come with only one queen bed?  I really like Herman, but refuse to sleep in the same bed...he snores too loud.  Do we have to move down the street like the Clees to have two separate beds?  Not only is the information late, but there seems to be questions about it.
     At this time I can not commit to attending AC-17.  I will not know untill the last few days before AC-17, which will be too late to confirm or to pay.  This may be only the 2nd ADAMcon I miss (AC01 the 1st).  There's always next year.

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