[Coladam] i can't be at the adamcon 17

newcoleco at yahoo.fr newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 22 22:56:47 EDT 2005

I tried.

I have only a total of 150$. That's not enough for the hotel, and the extra, that even 
not enough for a transport. Except having a good luck with the lottery, I can't be at 
the adamcon this year.

Sorry Dale, I know you tried to help me getting at this convention but i lost my 
motivation by seeing that i can't find enough money for anything.

During the convention, i will be online with you the saturday night, and i will use my 
money to finally go to the movie theater, the last movie i saw was Garfield and it's 
already in dvd now.

Have Fun!

Daniel B.


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