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Yes, Adamcon 17 is history. For me, it was the really
great experience, the best meeting I ever seen in my
life. You guys are too nice, it was too much for me,
it was hard for me to quit. I'm happy and I'm sad at
the same time. I hope Jeffrey is feeling better now.

Thank you very much!

Daniel Bienvenu

@Jillian, Dale and Neil : What can I say except "thank
you", from the bottom of my hearth, "thank you". You
did a great job for the Adamcon 17 and you helped me
to be with you guys. I will never forget. It was

@Guy-f and Sandra : I hope you had at least as much
fun than me being for the first time at an Adamcon
meeting. The trip went well finally, it was a long
road trip and we had no accident.

@Dr.D : It was a great pleasure to meet you Dr.D (not
to miss you like I probably said by mistake to you
last night).

@Erin : <waves> :)

@BobS : To answer your question at the conference
room, actually i did 8 coleco games (in cartridge), a
few more games for the minigame compo and other roms
never released. 

@Judy : Yes, I was awake when the electricity was down
for a few seconds. I'm naturally scared to be stuck in
a small room without lights. Well I were at the
bathroom this morning when the electricity stoped.  

@Murray : Vintage Computers, "an evolution need a
starting point", many informations about the first
processors, the first computers, it was great!
computer users don't realize all the work behind this
fabulous machine.

@Harvie : I think your project of merging some
technologies into one system is a good idea. I don't
know if it's possible or needed but it's a good idea.
I suspect you have an artistic ability to see things.

@Ron : Good suggestion "not getting old", but I don't
think it's possible except in our head. Sorry to see
that my dithering tool was so slow on your computer.

@Rich-c and Frances : I hope your problem with the
Adam stuff will be solved before anything bad

@All : Thank you to say me that my english was good, I
needed to hear that. I know that I need to practice,
but I certainly learned with you. I didn't know before
that "pops" means sweet liquid to drink with bubbles.

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