[Coladam] AdamCon 17 game blancing slides, example source

Dale Wick dalemwick at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 20 15:04:23 EDT 2005


Until I get to posting more pictures (I have some already at 
http://www.adamcon.org/17/) I have posted my example relay race 
implementation at:


With the Warm Fuzzy bunny.  I will likely continue to refine the game a 
little, and also post updates there. So if you missed parts of my 
presentation, you can check it out there.  I've posted it in both PPT and 
PDF for your viewing pleasure.  The zip file contains the source, and a 
RESULT.ROM including the code from the slides, as well as warmfuzz.rom with 
just a controlable bunny.

Dale Wick (dalemwick at hotmail.com)
Maintainer of coladam at adamcon.org

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