[Coladam] New Adam owner...

Guy Foster frosterg at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 23:29:13 EDT 2005

Hello fellow Adamites,

After attending the Adamcon last month, upon coming
back to Montreal, I knew one thing.  I had to get
myself an Adam in order to continue my passion with
Colecovision experimenting.

Last Saturday, thanks to Moe Sherman, who donated his
Coleco Adam (mint in a box I might add), I became a
new Adam user.

The Coleco Adam works flawlessly, and I was curious to
see if the printer worked too, and to my surprised, it
worked great!

I did come across a problem though, and it is with the
data tape drive.  When I insert a tape, such as Buck
Rogers, the mechanism rewinds it, and then when it
reaches the end of the tape, continues on trying to
rewind it, and nothing else.

Would anyone know if this would require a quick fix,
or should I look for another one?

I'm also looking into getting a 3.5" or 5.25" floppy
drive for this thing, if anyone has one for sale, let
me know.


Guy Mark II.

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