[Coladam] Colecovision R57

Guy Foster frosterg at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 18 01:18:39 EDT 2005

Well, as was discussed tonight in the Adamcon chat, I
recently acquired a Coleco Adam, and I was lucky
(unlucky?) enough to get an R57 ADAM, which as most of
you know is one of the earlier versions.

I disassembled it tonight, took a picture, and dumped
images of the EPROMS.

I will be re-assembling it back and storing it.  What
I'd like to know is if anyone is interested in
acquiring it.  It comes complete and is in very nice
condition, even comes with the original box in greater
shape.  Everything seems to work (except for the TAPE
DRIVE).  What I'm looking for is a newer version
Coleco Adam (R90?) with hard drive and extra goodies
to get me started, of course I'll pay a reasonable
price difference depending on hardware/condition.  So
if you have one, and would like to acquire a piece of
Adam history, then drop me a note at:
frosterg at yahoo.com

The file with the picture of the ADAM mainboard and
the EPROM dump can be found on:



Guy Foster

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