[Coladam] Colecovision R57

Dale Wick dalemwick at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 18 15:59:30 EDT 2005


I'll be headed through Montreal on Monday.  If I can scrounge some suitable 
Adam hardware, I'll take it out to you then.  Definately an interesting 


>From: Guy Foster <frosterg at yahoo.com>
>To: coladam at adamcon.org
>Subject: [Coladam] Colecovision R57
>Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 22:18:39 -0700 (PDT)
>Well, as was discussed tonight in the Adamcon chat, I
>recently acquired a Coleco Adam, and I was lucky
>(unlucky?) enough to get an R57 ADAM, which as most of
>you know is one of the earlier versions.
>I disassembled it tonight, took a picture, and dumped
>images of the EPROMS.
>I will be re-assembling it back and storing it.  What
>I'd like to know is if anyone is interested in
>acquiring it.  It comes complete and is in very nice
>condition, even comes with the original box in greater
>shape.  Everything seems to work (except for the TAPE
>DRIVE).  What I'm looking for is a newer version
>Coleco Adam (R90?) with hard drive and extra goodies
>to get me started, of course I'll pay a reasonable
>price difference depending on hardware/condition.  So
>if you have one, and would like to acquire a piece of
>Adam history, then drop me a note at:
>frosterg at yahoo.com
>The file with the picture of the ADAM mainboard and
>the EPROM dump can be found on:
>Guy Foster
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