[Coladam] colecovision schematics

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. drushel at apk.net
Sun Aug 28 09:38:26 EDT 2005

[Joe Blenkle] spake unto the ether:

> Are there schematics for the ColecoVision (not ADAM) on the Internet 
> anywhere?

	Hi Joe, AFAIK not.  They would have to be not too different from
the ADAM game board schematic, though, just add in the 1K RAM onto the
bus somewhere.  I am pretty sure that the video modulator box is identical
between the two (based on photos of the composite-out mod to the CV that
I have seen).

> p.s. - I hope this message goes through. I haven't received any messages 
> from the mailing list in months so I just went and resubscribed.

	I just approved it, it was stuck in the spam queue...I will
manually subscribe you at this address if you aren't already.

	*Dr. D.*

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