[Coladam] "Get Booty" mini game competition game

Dale Wick dalemwick at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 10 10:59:53 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I've been working on a complex game for the mini game competition, and 
needed a break.  So I made a simple game for fun.  I may manage to get it 
into shape to submit to the competition as well.  Anyway, try it out, and 

It is inspired by the ancient Byte Magazine type-in game "pillbox" for the 

I've attached two screen shots, but you can download the game from:


or if you're interested in the source check out:


In the game you are a pirate gunner.  Your goal is to disable the other ship 
by destroying both main masts at the base.  You can aim by moving the gun 
left and right along the deck.  You fire with fire button 1.  You can tilt 
the gun with up and down on the joystick.  You only have a limited amount of 
ammo (cannon balls) and if you fail, we will all be tried and most likely 
hung until dead (game over).  The amount of treasure you collect depends on 
how quickly you can disable the other ship.  If you get it in fewer shots, 
less treasure will be lost.

The display across the top tells the story, with the number of cannon balls 
left, the count of how many main sails on the target ship are still 
standing, and the amount of treasure we've collected.  For this game we only 
attack merchant ships with no cannons to fire back at us.


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