[Coladam] 2005 Multi-Media Christmas Card

Ron MItchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 1 12:48:10 EST 2005

November it is - already.

Would like to put together the 2005 edition of our annual electronic Christmas greeting card, and will be at that shortly.

If anyone would like to contribute a Powerpaint picture, midi file or even an idea or two to the card,  NOW's THE TIME.

You can e-mail me Christmas graphics, scenes, music in midi format over the next couple of weeks, and I'll put the card together once I've heard from all contributors. The end result goes to Bob Slopsema for the ANN disk due out in early December......... so.........  we better get on it without delay.

You can send me Powerpaint files, or JPG's. In terms of art work, usually simplest is best. Graphics with lots of solid colours usually translate better to the ADAM than more complex formats. Remember you're going from millions of colours down to 16. That having been said, sometimes it amazing how well ADAM will capture some of these multi-shaded graphics.

MIDI files should be less than 5k in length so as to fit within the greeting card program. 

Anyway, see what you can do.


Ron Mitchell

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