[Coladam] Arcadia Festival

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Fri Nov 4 15:29:44 EST 2005


I forgot the Adamcon chat session this week, I know. It's because I'm really excited!

I'm going to the Arcadia Festival where I will show the Coleco homebrew games and 
talk about them to the visitors of the "flashback zone" booth.

The festival is already started, but my mission is to be there this saturday, having 
great fun, and share my passion for the ColecoVision programming.

If you see me on tv by mistake, you will probably notice that I decided to wear the 
Adamcon t-shirt.

To resume what is this new festival, it looks like the E3 but in Montreal. Almost all the 
big names of the video game industies will be there. And there are special events for 
gamers, and also for programmers and designers.

Actually, I'm programming very hard to finish (I hope) something cool for the event. I 
already have the minigames by Guy Foster, Dale Wick and myself, and even some 
almost complete games like Dale's Santa's Gift Run. All these games are packadged 
in a multicart I showed to you during the Adamcon this summer.

Daniel Bienvenu


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