[Coladam] an amusing discovery

Richard F. Drushel rfd at cwru.edu
Thu Nov 10 11:13:49 EST 2005

	Hi folks, I know I have been away from the chats for at least a
month, but Wednesdays are just bad for my schedule the last N weeks...
I am hoping this weekend to get a PP Xmas card for Ron to play with.

	Anyhow...last weekend (as somewhat belated birthday shopping) I
bought some new pants.  In the pocket of a pair of bluejeans was a slip of
paper from whoever was the final QC inspector.  It said:  "INSPECTOR C 64".
My immediate thought was, of course, that the garment manufacturer was a
bit behind the times in their automation...but if their Commodore 64s were
still doing the job, why upgrade, eh?

	Sometimes the QC slips have a person's name...maybe I can get one
someday that says "INSPECTED BY ADAM"  :-)


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