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There are 4 subjects in this email.

** Minigame Compo 2005 results now available! **

Space Hunter by Guy Foster got the highest score for the ColecoVision entries. 
5.42/10 (19 votes)
Get Booty by Dale Wick got a respectable score too.
4.79/10 (19 votes)
But my minigame entry named Space Trainer was not really appreciate.
The comments are : take too much time to reach 10'000 points, bad idea to submit a 
2 players only minigame, and suggest something more commercial like shooting 
laser, obstacles and gravity.
4.11/10 (18 votes)
The winner - 1st place - is 4k Race Refueled.
6.73/10 (26 votes)

Last year, for the Minigame Compo 2004 the results was :
1st place - 4k Race - 8.40/10 (20 votes)
8th place - Diamond Dash (by me) - 7.00/10 (16 votes)

** Talking about ColecoVision in newspaper LaPresse (Montreal) **

November 27th, in Montreal, LaPresse newspaper :
There was information about the CCJVQ (can be translated as Classic Video Game 
Collectors Club of Quebec). I'm a member of this club, and I'm not the only Coleco 
programmer. In the article, there are "when was born this club, who are the founders, 
what kind of collectors there are..." and two of the 9 paragraphs talk about me and 
Coleco programming. The journalist went at a CCJVQ meeting a few weeks before 
and he talked with me after the founders and the more active members of the club. I 
think I did a good impression.
For a limited time, a scan of the page is available here (not my web site) :

** Special Video Game Sudoku Puzzles **

GoodDealGames published in its puzzle web pages the colored Sudoku puzzles I did 
during last month (November 2005). More than 100 grids are available. Go take a 
look, and if you are good in this game, try to solve the #012 (Circles section).

** Arcadia Festival (old news) **

August, in Montreal, there was the first Arcadia Festival. This festival was like a tiny 
version of the E3 with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo (got the biggest place), and much 
more. A "FlashBack" booth (space sponsored by Atari) was done by the CCJVQ and 
CGCC (something like Game Collector Club of Canada). Many old and not so old 
video game systems was there, plus 4 or 5 new Atari Flashback 2. I personnaly had 
the chance to be there during one day to take care of the ColecoVision section. I had 
my multicarts with the hombrew games and most of the new games (complet in box 
with manual) of my personnal collection. The central scene was too loud and noisy 
sometimes, I had to "cry out" just to answer questions of the visitors. It was a nice 

Thank you for reading with interrest my messages! :-)

Daniel Bienvenu


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