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I'm sure I played a maze game exactly like the one in jun05ann.dsk when I was a 
child, but my computer at this time was a Commodore Vic-20.

I like the hunted house animation in jul05ann.dsk

I like ChainReaction in aug05ann.dsk, it's almost the same basic rules as the game 
Explosion I programmed for the ColecoVision, but this time it's two players only, my 
program had an AI if wanted to play againts cpu. Also, I'm sure I played a game like 
Jumping Jack when I was a child with my Vic-20. DiffCalcul program remembers me 
the math courses.

How abacus works in reality? I never learned how to use one, so I can say it's more 
faster than using a calcultor. in sep05ann.dsk

How to start the oct05ann.dsk ? Need another diskimage or keys to press?

Is there somebody here who played and finish the game named EVIL3 in 
nov05ann.dsk ? Nice poker game also, somebody here did a nice high-score? my 
high-score is between 300 and 400.

I really enjoyed the electronic christmas card in dec05ann.dsk, it was my first 
participation at this project by sending a Santa Clauss picture.



Notes About EVIL3 :


Greetings, Hacker!

    Welcome to the third part of the E.V.I.L. trilogy. We're all counting on you.

--- The story so far:            
    Electronic Video Intelligence Laboratories (E.V.I.L.),   bent on gaining control of all 
the world's computer systems, built MCC-E1.  This computer was short-circuited by a 
hacker who is known as Fig-Leaf.  E.V.I.L. constructed a new Master Control 
Computer (MCC-E2), and added Artificial Intelligence and special protection circuits.  
Agent Fig-Leaf entered     MCC-E2's memory circuits, and discovered a diabolical 
plan,  Which E.V.I.L. had already begun.  Agent Fig-Leaf's          information helped 
us foil the plan.                        
Agent Fig-leaf, if you are still out there, this message is  for you:
    Since MCC-E2 can't be destroyed, why not re-program it?  We've found that by 
setting just three bytes (Bytes 'A', 'B',and 'C'), MCC-E2 will erase most of its memory, 
and run only "Demo" programs.  The numbers to set the bytes, will be      found in 
MCC-E2's own memory.  Each unit of memory in MCC-E2 can be called a "room." 
Here are some rooms you may          encounter:
** "REM"-  These rooms are "safe", and mostly ignored by the computer.
** "DATA 'A', 'B', & 'C'"-  These rooms contain the values   to be set in BYTE 'A', 'B', 
& 'C'.
** "BYTE 'A', 'B', & 'C'"-  When all three are set correctly (to the number values found 
in "DATA") the mission will be   accomplished.
** "IF/THEN"-  While a certain condition exists (mentioned   in the room), a "door" will 
open, to let you move "Down",    revealing one or more hidden rooms.
** "ACCUMULATOR"-  Each time this room is entered, all 3     Bytes are reset to "0".
** "ENDLESS LOOP"-  The Arrow Keys won't work in this room.  Perhaps you're 
stuck forever!
** "GOTO"-  You get a choice of 1 of 3 Smart-Keys, each      leading to a different 

To move to a new room, press an Arrow Key (the cursor        control keys, lower 
right-hand corner of the keyboard).      However, the arrow keys won't work in 
"GOTO" or "ENDLESS     LOOP" rooms.

Each time you enter a "BYTE" room, you will get one chance   to change the value of 
the byte.  Input "y" (Lowercase only),then the number, to change it.  If you press "n", 
the value  will stay the same. 

To quit, press the <ESCAPE/WP> key, and the program will end.
** Make a map as you go.  Remember that this is a computer   circuit, so the routes 
can criss-cross, and jump around.     Some exits will lead you right back into the 
same room! Many rooms look alike, and in some cases, the only difference is  the 
screen color.
** The DATA and IF/THEN values will be different, each time  the program is run.
** ADAM may behave a little strangely while this program is  running.  Expect the 
unexpected.  I would not, however,      suggest listing the program, since I did 
something sinister  to a couple of lines.


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