[Coladam] Re: Coleco Adam and IDE card

Richard F. Drushel rfd at po.cwru.edu
Mon Jan 9 05:28:42 EST 2006

        I just saw this this morning on alt.folklore.computers...it is
an interesting idea, but I have no clue if it is workable.  Any ideas


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: Hello,
:   I have a Coleco Adam R80 with 256k ram card. I recently bought an IDE
: card and plan to use TDOS with it. I was wondering instead of getting a
: hard drive and have to worry about power supplies and more stuff on my
: desk, if I could get an IDE to compact flash adaptor, and use a 60MB
: flash card internally. Would this work strait up, or would I have some
: power problems with a configuration like this.

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