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YES, a truly novel and great idea.  But as Doug points out, ADAM cannot
process the fast speeds.  Memory chips in expanders faster than 80
nanoseconds are not workable; 1 gig you can use for hard drives on ADAM-but
that's about it for speed; and you can be assured that the speed of a
compact flash is probably WAY more that ADAM could handle.  I salute and
admire the approach and the thought going into the idea, however.  What we
need are more thinkers and envelope pushers like this user !!!!!! CHEERS

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It is an interesting idea.  From what I can remember there was an issue
with the internal IDE controller working with faster IDE drives.  If the
IDE drive ran too fast it wouldn't work reliably with the Adam because
there appeared to be a lack of buffering on the controller.  The faster
drives would return the data quicker than the controller was expecting
and not acknowledge the data transfer.  I am afraid that the
compactFlash card is going to run much faster than one of the older IDE
hard drives so it may have the same problem as the 1gb and newer drives
that I had tried.  As to where to get an adapter, I have seen them at
various computer stores on the web.  The following is one such link:

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Wonder where he got the IDE card for the Adam. And I wonder where an IDE

to compact flash (or similar) adapter comes from, and what sort of
supporting hardware or driver it would demand.
This idea sounds absolutely lovely if it's workable - especially since a

cheap little 64MB flash card is likely all the Adam can handle anyway.
Maybe one should establish contact here, to likely mutual benefit.

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