[Coladam] IDE-to-Compact-Flash-Adapter question (fwd)

Richard F. Drushel rfd at cwru.edu
Wed Feb 8 21:17:27 EST 2006

[originally sent to Bob Slopsema today, not sure I used right address]

	Hi Bob, the following was posted to alt.folklore.computers this
morning.  The guy posted some questions yesterday about the difference
between Disk Manager and File Manager, which I answered publicly.  This
one, however, I am so far away from having worked with an IDE hard drive
setup program that I don't know...but I figured You Da Man for this one :-)

	I'd have posted it to the coladam list, but adamcon.org is still
verflixt :-S


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> From: big_d_316 at yahoo.com
> Newsgroups: alt.folklore.computers,alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt
> Subject: Have an 8-bit computer looking to use compact flash for IDE drive
> Date: 8 Feb 2006 07:01:45 -0800

Well, I didn't know where to post this, but I thought these seemed like
a good place to start. I have an old Coleco Adam with a
MicroInnovations IDE drive adaptor. I would like to upgrade it, and
keep it internal by useing a Kingston 48MB HighSpeed COmpact flash
card. Model CD/48. Ok, the problem now comes when the setup software
ask me for the number of heads and cylinders. how does a CF emulate
these features, well, if they do that is.

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