[Coladam] a bad news for my family

daniel_bienvenu at globetrotter.net daniel_bienvenu at globetrotter.net
Sat Feb 25 03:35:26 EST 2006

Dear AdamCon members,

I talked during chat sessions about my grandma, telling you that she is dying at the 
hospital. Well, we got a phone call very late this friday night; my uncle give us the 
terrible news. My grandma is now in a better place, another reality where no one is 
sick, no one is suffering... and at the same time, I have the impression she's not far 

There is no word to describ this sensation of a huge hole where time is missing and 
the words "I love you" hurts deep inside.

She was, my last grand-parent.


A special memory I want to share with you :
In mid-'90s, I started a calendar project that includes names and ages of the family 
members. I given one calandar copy to my grandma and she likes it. She brings it 
everywhere, showing it to the rest of the family and soon everyone wanted a 
photocopy of it. I also saw, one year, a calandar made by a competitor (one of my 
uncles). I improved my calandar project with a more professional look, 'moon 
phases' and special events like Halloween and Christmas. My mother participated to 
the calendars by selecting a picture and some words to be "the cover". Also, I 
received informations about the new members of the family and some anniversaries 
(dates) to change. After a calm period, without extra calendars to print, I'm surprized 
to receive again requests for my calandar, not one they can generate with the new 
technology, a calendar like the ones I did for grandma.

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