[Coladam] free adam stuff for shipping?

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Tue Mar 7 00:15:47 EST 2006

These people have tons of ADAM stuff...apparently free if you pay shipping charges...they are in Canada...

> This is the list of equipment that we have available:
> 3 Adam SmartWriter printers (all with data and power cables)
> 1 ADAM ColecoVision Family Computer System Memory Console
> Two connector frames (plastic)
> 1 ColecoVision Video Game System
> CP/M2.2 and Assembler software with manual
> ADAM Calc software with manual
> Various tapes.
> We also have,
> The Joyboard, Power Body Control, The Power System by Amiga
> And
> Cosmic Commander, Power Arcade Series (MB 8311 Control Number).

We found another box containing two more memory consoles, three keyboards
with cables, three number-pad controllers with their stands, a power unit, a
TV-Computer connection cable, a JoySensor for ColecoVision, a few games and
lots of tapes (some may never have been used).

The Joyboard and Cosmic Commander appear to be a separate game system.
Apparently you stand on the Joyboard and it rocks (you balance, as though
you are surfing or skateboarding).  

We also have a lot of Atari equipment and games, and a complete Commodore
Vic 20, if you know of anyone who is interested.

I already have a closet full of ADAM Stuff. They are going to toss it if no one wants it.

Contact: Sally Barton sallybarton at shaw.ca

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