[Coladam] Disk Drive Part 2

Dave Sands dave.audrie.sands at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 8 01:33:28 EST 2006

At 10:27 AM 3/7/2006, Dana Eckel wrote:
>Well, I have had the drive apart, cleaned out the dust
>bunnies and chased out the roaches. Cleaned the head,
>and use the keyboard cable, and it is still a fussy
>I have heard of people who have upgraded there drives
>to 320k drives. How do I do this, and would that chase
>my problems away?
>I haven't played with the pot on it yet, that will be
>a last resort.
         AFAIK, upgrading really meant putting the ADAM controller 
board into a 320 drive. it should be cheap enough to experiment; the 
used computer places I am familiar with have piles of drives, and 
they should be cheap like borscht.
         the problem remains that your controller isn't working 
reliably. assuming it was built before the ADAM vanished, circa 1983, 
it's old enough to vote, at a minimum.
         I'd start looking for a working Coleco drive. I have two 
dead ones of my own.
         good luck with it

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