[Coladam] bin/source files for 6801s? Floppy drive transformers

oltmansg at bellsouth.net oltmansg at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 28 16:55:35 EST 2006

Hey everyone!

I have been disassembling ADAM disk drive code trying to understand how ADAMnet works here the past week or so. Just curious if anyone has the sources for the Master and tape 6801s as well, or if they can even be retrieved off of the part. Not sure if the 6801s have a code lock-out feature like some newer MCUs have, but we have a pretty fancy-schmancy device programmer at work and I figured I'd try popping 'em in the programmer to see if I could retrieve anything off of 'em if no one else had bin files already.

On another note since disk drive stuff has been the hot topic lately in chat, I found some direct replacement power supplies for our disk drives at a local electronics shop. They look identical to the standard coleco one, but have a different label on top and are black. The specs are identical though and the connector is the same. They are a little on the pricey side though, about $17.00 a piece (and I think they had 4 of 'em). Just thought I'd mention that in case anyone is looking for one. 

The stock transformer is rated at 9VAC 31VA, which works out roughly to 3.5 amps. You *might* be able to get by with less, but I wouldn't think by much and it might be iffy. The ADAM drive uses three solid state voltage regulators which are all capable of supplying a max 1A a piece, so 3A + some loss.

I'd say that the power supply design of the floppy drive is simple but not very good. Especially the 12V supply as it uses a voltage tripler circuit to step up the input voltage before running it through the 12V regulator. This is usually okay for circuits which do not need a lot of current, but I don't think its a good idea for the supply to a motor (which is exactly what that rail is used to drive). No doubt it was done this way 'cause it's cheap.


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