[Coladam] bin/source files for 6801s? Floppy drive transformers

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. drushel at apk.net
Wed Mar 29 10:18:23 EST 2006

[oltmansg at bellsouth.net] spake unto the ether:

> I have been disassembling ADAM disk drive code trying to understand how
> ADAMnet works here the past week or so. Just curious if anyone has the
> sources for the Master and tape 6801s as well, or if they can even be
> retrieved off of the part.

	Hi Geoff, wish you had asked the list before starting your project
(though undoubtedly you have taught yourself a lot).  Chris Braymen did this
about 10 years ago for the keyboard, disk drive, and prototype serial/
parallel interface (I have the listings in machine-readable format).  At that
time, Chris worked for Sierra On Line Games as a music programmer, and he
found in a back room 132-column greenbar listings of the tape drive, printer,
and master 6801 listings.  He made a photocopy set for me, which is sitting
right here in my office at CWRU.  (Just took them off the shelf.)  These are
first-generation photocopies from the original greenbar.  The first page of
the printer listing and 2 pages from part of the master 6801 listing were
missing from the stack, but thanks to assembler CREF and analogy, I have
reconstructed most of the missing pages (25 November 1996 is the date I noted
for doing it.)

	I'm not sure what the easiest way to get this info out is.  The
printed listings make a stack about 1.5 inches thick.

[Re: the disk drive power supply]

	Coleco power supplies are crapola, waaaaay underpowered.  Trying
to clip heat sinks onto poor little 1-amp 78xx-series 3-terminal voltage
regulators in order to pull 1.5+ amps out of them is just cheapness.  You
can boil water off them...


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