[Coladam] Adamcon 18 Update

Guy Bona-AdamEm Utilities adamemut at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 21 23:38:47 EDT 2006

Hello All,

As this year's Adamcon host, a lot of you were
concerned that I might not be able to get this off the
ground. Yes, a lot of problems have cropped up with
work the main culprit.

I've been working a lot of overtime since January and
today, my supervisor is giving us a break now that our
workload is finally caught up. I've been very tired
and all I want to do after taking care of my new pup
is to rest. But, I have not forgotten about the con.

I've inquired in a hotel for hosting Adamcon 18 only
to realize that it would have been very expensive, so
after I told the person that I was turning this down.
I've enlisted for a little help. But, before I even
got this new search off the ground. I got a little
surprise that someone lined up a hotel in an area that
I'm not familiar with. 

I have lived in this area all my life and this has
hurt me so much, that I came pretty close in backing
out in hosting the convention. But, after Jeanene
Alferink and I talked this over. We decided to go
ahead and do this. I've inquired with a hotel that has
good rates and I'm going to look at others.

I want to thank for those who were concerned about me,
but now I can do this from here and I'll ask for help
if I have questions. Anyone who has any problems or
concerns, please contact me directly and not with
anyone else. Thank you all for your understanding and
for your support.

Guy Bona
Adamcon 18 Host

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