[Coladam] Directions to Hotel and Adamcon 18 Update

Dave Sands dave.audrie.sands at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 8 11:00:59 EDT 2006

Hello Guy, All
         just want to observe from a non-attendee's viewpoint that 
Guy has been doing a super job of keeping everyone informed and 
updated and handling all the requirements on him with imagination and 
         all the best for Adamcon 18 and a big hand for the Chicago 
organizing committee--doesn't Chicago have a long history of Organizations?

At 06:28 AM 7/8/2006, Guy Bona-AdamEm Utilities wrote:
>Attached are two files for directions to the hotel for
>those driving and flying in. One's in Word format and
>one as a text file.
>Here's the latest. We have a total of 12 people
>attending. I'll confirm with the restaurant on the
>banquet this weekend. I faxed the reservations on
>Thursday. Also, I have the tickets for the Shedd
>Aquarium and CTA passes for everyone and they will be
>included in your welcome folder.
>So far, I have 3 cars and one van, so we will no
>problems with getting to lunch, etc. If anyone still
>wants to come to the banquet, let me know. I sent the
>reservations for 16 people.
>As of for the weather, we are expecting a warm spell
>towards the middle of the week, but no rain. I will
>know more towards the eve of the con. Everyone's names
>have been submitted to the hotel, I will Fax another
>list before Wednesday to them. Still have one more
>registration coming and that's one from my area.
>So, I'm not the only one from here attending the con.
>I'm looking forward to seeing all of you and I'll have
>one more update before the con. See you then.
>Guy Bona
>Adamcon 18 Host
>                     Adamcon 18 Directions to Hotel and
>Hotel Shuttle Pickup Info.
>For those who are driving to the convention. There are major 
>construction projects going in the area. The biggest one is the Dan 
>Ryan Expressway (I-90-I-94). Other projects are I-94, I-80-294, 
>IL-394 interchange reconstruction. I-294 Tri-State Tollway-fourth 
>lane being added between 163rd toll plaza and 95th St. There will be 
>delays, so please allow extra time.
>Do NOT take I-94 to Chicago from I-80-94 as it will run into the Dan 
>Ryan and only 2 lanes are open in each direction. If you do, expect 
>major delays.
>Please follow these directions to the Super 8 Motel in Elk Grove Village, IL:
>If coming from Canada and Michigan, Take I-94 straight to I-294 
>Tri-State Tollway. Continue to I-90 Northwest Tollway, exit is on 
>the right, then stay in left lane. After the toll plaza continue to 
>Lee St. Turn left at (IL-72) Touhy Ave. Hotel will be on your left.
>If coming from Ohio, Take I-80 toll roads to I-94. Then follow as 
>above to the hotel.
>If you have an Easy-Pass unit, the tollway WILL accept it through 
>I-Pass lanes. Otherwise the toll is 80 cents and you will need to 
>pay 4 tolls. (163rd, 83rd, Cermak Rd. and DesPlaines on I-90).
>For those flying into O-Hare, contact the motel at 847-827-3133 and 
>ask to be picked up and mention that your with Adamcon 18. For those 
>flying into Midway, let me know and I will pick you up at the 
>arrival area of the airport. My cellphone number is 708-214-7420. If 
>possible, let me know your arrival time.
>If you are going to be delayed, let me know and I'll see if the 
>hotel will still pick you up or I will be more than happy to. We are 
>looking forward to seeing you in Chicago.
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