[Coladam] Directions to Hotel and Adamcon 18 Update

Ron Mitchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 8 11:36:19 EDT 2006

Speaking as one who will be going to Chicago, and who has experienced the 
same sense of panic that might now be keeping Guy awake nights, I want to 
echo Dave Sands' comments. Even though these 'cons are not as well attended 
as they used to be, they still do not happen by themselves. They take work 
to organize, and attention to detail to make happen. Guy appears now to have 
all the bases covered. If he doesn't then he's doing a super job of 
convincing us all that everythhing is in hand, and my hat is off to him. I 
know how these last few days before opening night can feel.

I'm looking forward to being there. Good work Guy!

Ron Mitchell

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> Hello Guy, All
>         just want to observe from a non-attendee's viewpoint that Guy has 
> been doing a super job of keeping everyone informed and updated and 
> handling all the requirements on him with imagination and dedication;
>         all the best for Adamcon 18 and a big hand for the Chicago 
> organizing committee--doesn't Chicago have a long history of 
> Organizations?
>         regards
>         Dave
> At 06:28 AM 7/8/2006, Guy Bona-AdamEm Utilities wrote:
>>Attached are two files for directions to the hotel for
>>those driving and flying in. One's in Word format and
>>one as a text file.
>>Here's the latest. We have a total of 12 people
>>attending. I'll confirm with the restaurant on the
>>banquet this weekend. I faxed the reservations on
>>Thursday. Also, I have the tickets for the Shedd
>>Aquarium and CTA passes for everyone and they will be
>>included in your welcome folder.
>>So far, I have 3 cars and one van, so we will no
>>problems with getting to lunch, etc. If anyone still
>>wants to come to the banquet, let me know. I sent the
>>reservations for 16 people.
>>As of for the weather, we are expecting a warm spell
>>towards the middle of the week, but no rain. I will
>>know more towards the eve of the con. Everyone's names
>>have been submitted to the hotel, I will Fax another
>>list before Wednesday to them. Still have one more
>>registration coming and that's one from my area.
>>So, I'm not the only one from here attending the con.
>>I'm looking forward to seeing all of you and I'll have
>>one more update before the con. See you then.
>>Guy Bona
>>Adamcon 18 Host
>>                     Adamcon 18 Directions to Hotel and
>>Hotel Shuttle Pickup Info.
>>For those who are driving to the convention. There are major construction 
>>projects going in the area. The biggest one is the Dan Ryan Expressway 
>>(I-90-I-94). Other projects are I-94, I-80-294, IL-394 interchange 
>>reconstruction. I-294 Tri-State Tollway-fourth lane being added between 
>>163rd toll plaza and 95th St. There will be delays, so please allow extra 
>>Do NOT take I-94 to Chicago from I-80-94 as it will run into the Dan Ryan 
>>and only 2 lanes are open in each direction. If you do, expect major 
>>Please follow these directions to the Super 8 Motel in Elk Grove Village, 
>>If coming from Canada and Michigan, Take I-94 straight to I-294 Tri-State 
>>Tollway. Continue to I-90 Northwest Tollway, exit is on the right, then 
>>stay in left lane. After the toll plaza continue to Lee St. Turn left at 
>>(IL-72) Touhy Ave. Hotel will be on your left.
>>If coming from Ohio, Take I-80 toll roads to I-94. Then follow as above to 
>>the hotel.
>>If you have an Easy-Pass unit, the tollway WILL accept it through I-Pass 
>>lanes. Otherwise the toll is 80 cents and you will need to pay 4 tolls. 
>>(163rd, 83rd, Cermak Rd. and DesPlaines on I-90).
>>For those flying into O-Hare, contact the motel at 847-827-3133 and ask to 
>>be picked up and mention that your with Adamcon 18. For those flying into 
>>Midway, let me know and I will pick you up at the arrival area of the 
>>airport. My cellphone number is 708-214-7420. If possible, let me know 
>>your arrival time.
>>If you are going to be delayed, let me know and I'll see if the hotel will 
>>still pick you up or I will be more than happy to. We are looking forward 
>>to seeing you in Chicago.
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