[Coladam] File Manager 3.0

Ron Mitchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 8 12:53:40 EDT 2006

Thanks Joe. 

I have that one, and yes.... it's all coming back to me now. The version of Filemanager that formats 1.4 meg floppies is a version that Tony Morehen prepared specifically for Mark Gordon's  Micro Innovations hard drive setup. I'd never used my Adam without the hard drive before, but this time I decided to set it up with only the 3-1/4 and 5-1/2 inch floppies attached.  That, I discovered the hard way, doesn't work in terms of formatting images for the emulator. (Seems like I have to rediscover this the hard way each time I set up.) I've since re-attached my hard drive to my Adam setup, and sure enough, there it is; the right version of Filemanager. I also discovered an .img file called "FM3.02" on the TDOS side of my hard drive. 

 If I take a disk image of it and try to run it on the emulator, it politely (or not) informs me that I have to have a Micro Innovations hard drive to use this version of Filemanager. 

So Formatx works fine on the emulator, and formats 1.4 meg images. Bit of a round about way of doing things, but that's life.

Appreciate your getting back to me.


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  Ron...I have a program called Format X that appears to do 1.4mb disks. It is also written by Tony Morehen...would that do you any good? I'm sending it just in case.

  You should choose double-sided, high density. Now that I've got the disk attached to this email, I see it is on a 1.4mb disk also.

  Joe Blenkle

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