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Ron Mitchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 10 19:59:19 EDT 2006

Never heard of Smart Logo plus 2.0. That's an item of trivia to bring up in 
Chicago later this week.

Re the disk images..... let's go back to the beginning. I presume from what 
I've read that you're trying to convert some 5-1/4 inch floppies that Dave 
Cobley gave you into disk images that you can use with the emulator? Do you 
have a working ADAM disk drive? ie - can you format a 5-1/4 inch floppy for 
use with your Adam? You've probably already give me this info, but sometimes 
I don't read too good these days.

Just for info, I've had horribly mixed results with high density 5-1/4 inch 
floppies using high density 5-1/4 inch drives. You're right. The setup 
worked best with an old 486 with a 360k floppy drive. After that, we all got 
into trouble. And yet the odd part of it was that now and again, the process 
would work. I feel more safe now with my 3-1/2 inch Adam disk drive and the 
3-1/2 inch floppy drive on my DOS box. And yes, I'm also more comfortable 
using all of the adamem disk utility programs from a DOS command line. Just 
find it easier to do. (with all due respect to the work done by Guy Bona).

By the way, Rich Drushel is now handling the signup for the coladam list. 
You can actually sign yourself back up again by going to www.adamcon.org and 
following the instructions at the bottom of the page.


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> hi ron,
> good to hear back from you. lots on the go here, as usual. truth be
> known, too much, but if i'm not busy, i'm bored.
>> Sound on the emulator setup has always been problematic
> i've all but given up on this for anything newer than a 486 equipped
> with an isa sound blaster 16. maybe it works better in a pure dos boot.
> i don't have an inordinate amount of time to waste on it though.
> thanks for passing along my problem to the mailing list. i'm not sure
> why i'm not on it actually. i'd asked dale at one point to remove my
> name from a web page so perhaps he misinterpreted what i meant.
>> Could be the drive, or it could be the "interleave" settings in the
>> conversion process.
> must be something, but i can't even read them. i get some "bad start
> address" error or some such thing when using dcopy. so i don't even have
> an image from which to even try convdisk.
> that smartlogo plus 2.0 has really got me curious. know anything about
> it?
> good luck with the con. hope to have a few procedures on a logo disk
> image for you soon.
> james
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> James De Carlo <james at decarlo.ca>

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