[Coladam] Powerpoint Presentations

Guy Bona-AdamEm Utilities adamemut at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 16 18:17:38 EDT 2006


For those of you unable to attend this years Adamcon.
There are two Powerpoint slideshow presentations at my
website www.geocities.com/bonag_3. Click on the Adam
Emulator and Direct Downloads link.

There you will find Powerpoint presentations for the
Adam Emulator Setup and the Adam Emulator Utilities.
There are also Zip files for the Adam Emulator and
utilities, plus batch files for Dcopy of various Adam
disk sizes.

For the Powerpoint slideshows, require Powerpoint 95
and above to work and they will work with
Openoffice.org Impress. Any questions, direct them to
the above address.


Guy Bona

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