[Coladam] news from wayward ADAMites Rich -n- Rin

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. drushel at apk.net
Tue Jul 18 17:02:59 EDT 2006

	Sorry to spam the list with this, if you are not subscribed for any
of the "social" stuff...but this is the easiest way to reach those ADAMites
who will care about it :-S

	Again, we're sorry that we were unable to attend ADAMcon 18...but
we used the time and $$$ wisely:  so far, all systems are still "GO" for
a wedding in Windsor on 5 August 2006.  The following announcement ran in
today's "Windsor Star"...watch the word wrap on the URL, I am trying to
paste it in as a single long line:


	I just looked at Ron Mitchell's photos...sigh...I haven't missed an
ADAMcon since 10.  I hope you all enjoyed the DVD I sent (such parts of it
that played, anyhow) of my ADAMcon 10 presentation and the ADAMcon XIII
robot stuff.  Guy should have sent you each home with a DVD...if you didn't
get one and want one, or if you couldn't attend either but would like one,
please let me know (reply via private E-mail, give me postal address).

	See you in chat Wednesday 9 PM EDT!

	*Rich -n- Rin* (Rich Drushel and Erin MacLean)

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