[Coladam] post-ADAMcon travel woes :-(

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. drushel at apk.net
Mon Jul 24 14:06:02 EDT 2006

	Wow, very sorry to hear that so many folks had trouble getting out
of Dodge (or Chicago, as the case may be) after ADAMcon 18.  Glad you all
managed to get back home safely.

	Maybe Rin and I got bit by a bit of the same bug:  I wasn't able to
leave Toronto until last Tuesday (rather than last Monday) due to Canadian
Tire not yet being done with the emergency front brake (and elective A/C)
repair to the Voyager.  We limped into town Saturday afternoon with grindy
right front brake, got the the CT at Weston Road/401 45 minutes before
closing, to get into the queue for first thing Sunday morning.  They ended
up needing parts that weren't available until Monday, and the car wasn't
done until 6 PMish Monday evening.  No worries, it was only a 15-minute walk
from Rin's apartment, and we are used to walkabouts.

	For the wedding (still planned for Saturday, 5 August, though
waiting for final confirmation from some Ministry or other), at the
reception, I am bringing an ADAM and a bunch of ColecoVision cartridges.
It is only appropriate...and it will guarantee that I and my kids and Rin's
nephews and niece will have something fun to do at the reception :-)


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