[Coladam] how low the "new" COLECO has fallen...

Guy Foster frosterg at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 25 17:38:53 EDT 2006

I bought the system last year for about $25 or so CDN
and managed to sell it a few weeks ago at a garage
sale for $5.  Guess I did well to sell it.  I
basically bought it, plugged it in, played it for
about 180 seconds and said to myself: "SUCKS!  I don't
even see the connection between Coleco and the games
in there".

Now if they came out with a Colecovision on a chip and
had a few of teh classic games, that would be
something altogether different.  But selling crap
games and trying to associate them with the Coleco
brand name is just lame.

--- "Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D." <drushel at apk.net>

> [Geoff Oltmans] spake unto the ether:
> > I'll bet it's one of those NES-on-a-chip type
> systems, isn't it?
> 	I don't know who really did the games.  The splash
> screen has
> the "new" COLECO logo (lightbulbs like in a Times
> Square news ticker),
> but the graphics do look more late-80s/early-90s
> than 1984.
> 	*Rich*
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