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As I recall Bob, Only ONE was accessible at once. Even when I was running the bbs, we had to partition hell out of it getting different areas that way but other than the memory expander, and ofcourse disk drives, I can not ever recall more than one major storage device at one time  I think GK and I even tried Mark Gordon's HD along with the so called BJ card.   The software had options for several options, but I can not recall all of it working properly  I may be a bit off, but I think that was how it went, ofcourse I was into EOS, more so, and George was into T-DOS.  Rich's SmartBASIC 1X  helped me with a lot of limits that were originally part of regular SBasic. But their had to be several version of the "HARDISK" program, and Filemanager, that basically supported the product that it came with, i.e., disk drives, or HD's from BJ, or Mark Gordon.

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  Question gang.....Doug is apparently too shy or busy to throw this out to ya'll.  He has been playing around with using 2 ide hard drives on the ADAM.  IDEPART under Tdos gives the option of using 2 hard drives, but HOW do you access them both at the same time.......he actually is using a compact flash adapter & card and a zip drive, both of which work as ide devices as for formatting, etc.  BUT only 1 at a time can be accessed using ADAM programming that we have found.  hmmm.......
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