[Coladam] Workaround solution for Hitech_c + Windows 2000, XP, Vista...

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. drushel at apk.net
Fri Aug 25 07:36:21 EDT 2006

[Ron Mitchell] spake unto the ether:

> Would it help to simply start the computer using a DOS 6.22 startup disk?

	These are not easy to find...and Win2K/XP don't use a filesystem
that DOS understands (no more FAT, it's NTFS), so even if the computer's
BIOS supports booting from DOS, there is likely no floppy drive.  People
will likely not have a computer dedicated to running DOS just for compiles,
though it may have to come to that.

	I know that Daniel has worked hard to find workarounds for this.
It is just hard to stay one step ahead of Microsoft breaking backward


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