[Coladam] Hard disk poll!

Ron Mitchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 29 18:10:13 EDT 2006


I don't regularly have an ADAM set up any more. It lurks in the closet. When 
I have it running, I use a 40 meg IDE hard drive (forgotten what brand, 
think it's a Seagate) in a Micro Innovations box. I still have a Minnie 
Winnie Interface, but as of last use, it was completely unreliable.

The AdamNet interface was, I believe, a "one of a kind" prototype. Bob Blair 
had it, and I *think* Bob Slopsema has it now.

Ron Mitchell

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> Just wanted to do a quick poll and find out what sorts of hard drive 
> setups everyone's using with their ADAMs? Other than the Micro Innovation 
> controller, I don't know that much about the different hardware. Doesn't 
> one of the controllers out there actually interface through the AdamNet?
> *Geoff!*
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