[Coladam] Adamnet Harddrive

shonmccallum at juno.com shonmccallum at juno.com
Sat Sep 30 13:23:58 EDT 2006

There was never a third party Harddrive released that worked with the Adamnet Interface. Such a device would have been awesome since it would have been compatible with all software.One day all the Adam's will break down and there will not be any replacement parts. 
   The future of the Adam is for someone to make a program that runs under Windows Vista or Windows XP that reads 3 1/2" 1.44 Disks on the Adam. I have not used my Adam for many years but I have all my software currently on 3 1/2" Disk and would be willing to pay $100 or more for a professional program that would allow my computer to act like a Adam/Colecovision system. I am only interested in running the Super games and colecovision cartridges. These are classic games. Very few people today would consider using the Adam as a Word processor or spreadsheet with the much better Microsoft products. 

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