[Coladam] Hard disk poll!

Geoff Oltmans oltmansg at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 2 23:12:46 EDT 2006

Ron Mitchell wrote:
> Geoff:
> I don't regularly have an ADAM set up any more. It lurks in the closet. 
> When I have it running, I use a 40 meg IDE hard drive (forgotten what 
> brand, think it's a Seagate) in a Micro Innovations box. I still have a 
> Minnie Winnie Interface, but as of last use, it was completely unreliable.
> The AdamNet interface was, I believe, a "one of a kind" prototype. Bob 
> Blair had it, and I *think* Bob Slopsema has it now.
> Ron Mitchell

That's good info... sounds like most people are using the MI solution. 
I'm thinking about adding hard disk emulation to ADAMEm. Figure that 
would be nice to have for folks with old hard disk setups.

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