[Coladam] Hello, Everyone

Payton Byrd plbyrd at bellsouth.net
Wed Nov 15 17:37:06 EST 2006

So, how do I participate in the chat?  Is it on IRC?

Frances and/or Richard Clee wrote:
> Hello and welcome to the list, Payton. Do hope that some Wednesday 
> night at 9 p.m. (Eastern) you will get a chance to click in and chat 
> with us a while on the chat at adamcon,org. New faces are especially 
> welcome, always.
> Payton Byrd wrote:
>> Just found this list, and I sure am glad I did.  The Adam was the 
>> second computer I ever owned (the first being a Commodore VIC 20), 
>> and it was the first computer I took to college and used for real 
>> work.  I even wrote and sold a check book management program for the 
>> Adam back in 1990.  I loved the fact that it used a BASIC that was so 
>> similar to AppleBasic as to be nearly indistinguishable since all the 
>> schools back then knew how to teach was AppleBasic and the Adam cost 
>> about 1/4th what a less powerful Apple II cost.
>> You can read more about me and my collections at 
>> <http://www.paytonbyrd.com>!
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