[Coladam] ADAMEm problem

newcoleco at yahoo.fr newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 13 00:36:49 EST 2006


First of all, Windows Me was the last OS based on 95-98 technology... running on DOS, 
Windows XP is based on NT technology used also in Windows 2000 and 2003 server, that 
no longer run on DOS. DOS is emulated (not quite right) on Windows NT and may cause 
unpredictable results, as you may know now.

So, you did not update your OS... you change it for another one.

However, I think there is a chance to make AdamEm working again on your computer.

Try this :
Go to AdamEm folder, right-click on the AdamEm.exe file and choose Properties.
Select Compatibility tab and go try one of the compatibility mode like Windows 95.
Apply the change and try again running AdamEm.



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