[Coladam] [OT] Dr. D. update

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. drushel at apk.net
Sun Dec 17 20:22:15 EST 2006

    Hi all, just a brief update from Dr. D. at T+4 days from gall bladder

    I am recuperating okay, I guess.  I was out and about for 4 hours today
(church, lunch with my family and my Dad visiting from out of town), and it
wiped me out pretty bad :-(  Only the umbilical incision is really painful
at this point, and it is badly bruised (I imagine they were whaling pretty
hard on the endoscope down there).  The other 3 incisions are healing well
and the super-glue is starting to peel off.

    This is my exam week at CWRU...had to cancel an anatomy lab practical
for Wednesday because I am not physically up to the 12-hour setup time
that would be required.  So, they get just the final written exam (4th of
4) to go with the first 2 lab practicals (3 was cancelled last month due
to my hospitalization, 4 due to the surgery).  Exam review is Monday night,
the exam Tuesday afternoon.  Final grades are due Friday at 11 AM.  I think
I can make it, and even squeeze in a bit of Christmas shopping...had my
girls done last time I was in Canada, but I still need to do Ms. Rin...

    I will be a bit late to the chat Wednesday, due to a band concert of
my 8th-grader.  I will try yet again to twist Rin's arm into gracing us
with her presence in the chat :-)


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