[Coladam] Fershluginer (sp??)

Ronald Mitchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 9 22:52:14 EST 2007

forgive my ignorance.....

My vocabulary has never been great, but every now and then a word  
get's added.  The subject is the latest, and it came to my notice a  
couple of chats ago (memory fades). Dr. D used it, and that is only  
the second time in my entire 62 -2/3 year experience that I have seen  

I still do not know what it means, and perhaps one of you will  
enlighten me.

I am prepared to acknowledge that I might be ruled "off topic" in  
asking the question here. But to date, I have seen this word used  
only by Adamites. The first such encounter was many years ago in a  
message from one Bart "Zonker" Lynch. He told me what it meant at the  
time, but alas, my life is now one continuous 'seniors moment' and I  
need to be reminded of many things.

In keeping with the old rule that you never ask a question without  
having first given some thought to the answer,  I did a Google search  
on "fershluginer"

The results were inconclusive. Provided were many examples of the  
useage of the word; ie

"Get rid of that fershluginer code......"

"My fershluginer mail program refuses to ........"

"The fershluginer skates were always coming off..........."

"I've now found this useful advice in a number of places, along with  
the same fershluginer assumption that it will be no problem to find  
someone with a PDA ..."

Sounds to me like "fershluginer" might be an upscale replacement for  
those who feel use of another expletive might be beneath them.

There are also a couple of references to bygone Mad Magazine  
exerpts.... which of course mean nothing to me. I haven't thought  
about Alfred E. Newman nor  Don Martin for years.

Can anybody provide me with some fershluginer detail on this  
fershluginer topic?  Word meaning? history? Yada, yada?

Ron Mitchell

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