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Dave Sands dave.audrie.sands at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 20 16:25:15 EDT 2007

At 11:59 AM 3/20/2007, oltmansg at bellsouth.net wrote:
>It's amazing how many of the anecdotal evidence (much of it unfair) 
>for how "bad" the ADAM was has perpetuated itself for so long. You 
>hear the same old reasons every time.
Hi Geoff, All
         the ADAM got better, but too late. the big computer magazine 
of the day was Byte, which later became a purely PC rag, but in those 
days was full of stuff about 8-bit computers and even things like 
build-it-yourself circuit boards. I can't remember the reviewer's 
name, but he did Byte's review of the ADAM and he had a stinker. I 
don't think Byte ever mentioned the ADAM again.
         PC World it seems to me is one of the best of the current 
crop of computer mags, although it seems like every damn one of them 
simply chases new products in the usual best thing since sliced bread 
style. could you imagine a PC World today doing a build your own 
circuit board story?
         and ranking the ADAM as worse than the VIC-20?  how old were 
these guys in l983?

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