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Any additional documentation would be great!!!

I'm still wishing someone would find a way around my sound problem in
Windows XP though (besides using DOSBox to run ADAMEm). Apparently the DOS
in XP only has direct support for Sound Blaster 2.0 cards. I have a Sound
Blaster Live! card and the sound is horrible and scratchy (was fine under
Windows ME).  So the SB 2.0 compatibility is the only thing I can imagine is
doing this.

It doesn't do it on my laptop which has some sound card other than a SB and
it doesn't do it on another older PC I set up with an older SB card.

Joe Blenkle
jblenkle at sacnews.net

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> Hi Everyone,
> As you all know, the Adam world was astounded when
> Marcel deKogel released the Adam Emulator for the PC.
> I've used it and countless others have as well.
> I even created a website for the emulator utilities
> since  I've been the only one to figure out how they
> work, since Marcel did not provide any documentation
> on it.
> I'm thinking about creating a newsletter and it can be
> downloaded from my website as a PDF file. This will
> have tips on using the emulator (setting up the files,
> etc.) from a DOS prompt or from Windows. Using the
> utilities such as creating disk images with Dcopy.
> I have documentation at my website now in Word format
> on the utilities and Marcel has one for the emulator
> on his. I would welcome any suggestions on this and I
> hope it would benefit everyone.
> Please let me know what all of you think. Your opinion
> counts. Thanks.
> Guy Bona
> Adam Em Utilities Administrator
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