[Coladam] pentago minigame project

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Wed May 16 19:53:22 EDT 2007

pentago is a game like tic tac toe were you align your
symbols to win... but you have to align 5 symbols like
in gomoku but with a twist : you have to rotate one
part of the board 90 degrees clockwise or

I try to program a ColecoVision version of Pentago,
should be done in time for the Minigame Compo 2007.
Unfortunatly, in pure C language, the project more
than 4K, I started to convert some functions in
assembler language and I actually saved 1K.

The following link is a video that show Coleco playing
Pentago againts itself. Did Coleco wins or not?



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