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Ron Mitchell bytehacker at shaw.ca
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Dates work for me Neil. Maritime trip is kinda questionable at this point 
anyway. If I do it, I'll do it before.


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> Hi all,
>   Our preferred date is now July 20-22, and we should have that firm very
> shortly.  The August dates we discussed before were a no-go for Rich
> Drushel and Erin.  I'm hoping that the July date would still leave time to
> Ron's east coast trip before he have to go back to B.C.  for the first
> weekend in August.
>   I visited the Holiday Inn yesterday, but the banquet manager (in charge
> of meeting rooms) was gone for the day.  I walked around the lobby area
> and it looks like a very nice place.  I talked to the banquet manager
> today and he does have the date I want available so I sent him an email
> with more details and he should get back to me (maybe tomorrow).
>   I've also asked for a quotation from the Best Western.  It's right
> across the road from the Museum of Civilization (a likely outing
> destination) and right at the end of the bridge from downtown Ottawa, so
> the location is convenient. I looked at their small meeting room last week
> and it seems good for what we want.  The building fascia seems to be
> falling apart, but they are currently repairing the brickwork and their
> website says they recently completed a 2 million dollar renovation, so I'm
> sure it's in good shape.
>   I have a lot of work to do on a paper I'm handing in on Friday, so I
> won't really have time for the chat this week.  By next week I should be
> more available.
> Neil
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