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Re the food Neil, I'm not likely to be eating much more than my Weight 
Watchers fare, which these days is mostly fruit and veggies. Big meals are 
not an option for me any more, and I've had trouble on recent trips eating 
in restaurants of any type. Fast Food joints are no longer an option. 
Basically what I need is a good salad bar and the ability to pick and choose 
what I want.

Prefer to keep it simple.  But that's just me. It wouldn't preclude me from 
joining Rich and Frances and the gang  for a dinner or two, as long as I can 
order from the "entree" menu rather than the main course.

submitted for what it's worth.

Sounds like you're on the right track, keep up the good work.


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> Sorry for all these messages but I want to keep everyone up-to-date.  I
> was talking to the Best Western manager this afternoon and his rates are
> very good.  I think we'll go there on the July 26-29 weekend unless I get
> a very attractive offer from the Holiday Inn, who haven't gotten back to
> me yet.
> On Thu, 31 May 2007, Frances and/or Richard Clee wrote:
>> However do be aware that favourable prices are unlikely to be available
>> for accommodation over the August Civic Holiday weekend.
>   I didn't even ask about the August long weekend or the July 1 Canada
> Day weekend.  To me they weren't even an option.
>> You might want to disclose your thoughts on food. Time was when
>> Hull/Gatineau had a reputation for quite high quality dining at very
>> fair prices; what will be available now though is something on which
>> suggestions will be welcome.
>   I haven't decided yet about food.  There is a restaurant in the Best
> Western (and two in the Holiday Inn).  I'm not too familiar with the
> restaurants in Hull.  Being a student doesn't pay too well, so my budget
> for eating out is limited.  When I do go out for food, it's usually on the
> Ottawa side of the river.  Within 2 or three blocks of the Best Western,
> there is a St-Hubert Chicken, a Green Papaya Thai vegetarian restaurant
> and a French restaurant.  There is also a McDonald's about 5 blocks away
> and several different restaurants in the Museum of Civilization about 3-4
> blocks away.
>   The Best Western restaurant, "Bristrot Cartier" according to the poorly
> edited Best Western chain website (should be "Bistrot"), is open for
> breakfast and supper, but not for lunch.  We could have them cater the
> lunch.  We'll be going off premises on Saturday, so we could eat lunch out
> I think.  That leaves 2 lunches FRiday and Sunday.  I was thinking that if
> we wanted to get sandwiches from Tim Horton's, as we did in Comox (and
> maybe in Whitby too), it would be nice to have a sort of picnic at the
> park right across the road.
>   Unlike last year, breakfasts are not included in the room rates.
> (Although a donut and a muffin was about the limit last year and I got
> tired of that pretty quickly).  I could ask about them catering
> breakfasts, but maybe people would prefer a la carte at the hotel
> restaurant.
>   At the moment, I haven't decided about the banquet.  There is a very
> wide variety of restaurants of every type imaginable in the Byward Market
> right across the bridge in Ottawa.  It's about a 20- to 30-minute walk,
> but I expect that many people will have cars, so we could car pool (a
> 5-minute drive)
>   Best Western meeting room is half the price of the Holiday Inn
> ($150/day vs. $300) and he's willing to throw in Thursday for free on the
> meeting room.  The room is a little small for 20 people, but I think that
> may be optimistic anyway.  If we do have 20, he has another room in the
> basement that we could have for the same price.
>   They don't have a posh lobby with skylights and a waterfall as the
> Holiday Inn has, but the Best Western is more central.
>   He will rent us rooms for $95/day (king or two queens).  There are 13
> smoking rooms, on the smoking floor.  Parking is $7/day plus tax.
>   So, for the meeting and guest room rentals (including parking but no
> food at all or other overhead expenses), that comes to $168/person double
> occupancy for 3 days, or $219/person double occupancy for 4 days, based on
> 15 delegates. $10 extra per day per person for an extra adult in the room,
> kids under 17 are free (unless you need a cot).  Single occupancy is
> obviously almost double the price, but we may be able to match people up
> with roommates if anyone's single and amenable to that.
>   You can probably deduct about 5% off that to roughly convert into the
> U.S. dollar equivalent.
>   Any thoughts on the catering situation?
> Neil
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