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SacNews jblenkle at sacnews.net
Sat Jun 23 00:41:49 EDT 2007

Hey all...I just wanted to update you on some possibly exciting news. As some of you know I also own Atari 8-bit computers. There has been a device available that lets you hook up the Atari to your PC so you can use its drives, printers, etc. just as if they were hooked up to the Atari.

I know there was an attempt to do this same sort of thing with the ADAM and that's what originally gave me the idea to contact Steven Tucker (the person who did the APE Interface for the Atari - Atari Peripheral Exchange).

I asked him if the same thing could be done with the ADAM. I pointed him toward ADAM documentation concerning ADAMNet, etc. and he became intrigued by the ADAM. So he bought one and has been experimenting with it.

He reported to me a few days ago that he's been able to get USB devices to communicate with ADAM through ADAMNet, but has not yet been able to boot anything from a USB device on the ADAM. He hoped to be able to work on it some more this weekend.

I am totally ignorant as far as hardware goes on the ADAM, but to me this sounds like potentially exciting news.

Any comments or thoughts on this from the group?

Joe Blenkle
jblenkle at sacnews.net

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